(Long Distance) Ramblings

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

My lovely wife had other commitments, so I was scheduled to lead the Wednesday Night Salem Bicycle Club ride. Driving home from Portland, it was raining, and it was not a light rain, a rain any Oregonian would be proud of.

I did not want to ride.

But, I had a responsibility, so I got dressed, loaded the bike up in the van and went down to the start. I was a bit late, and I guess I was hoping there would be no one there, but Roland was.

The rain had stopped, but I was sure it would be back. I quickly unloaded by bike, put on my helmet and gloves and we were off, just the two of us.

Roland set a good pace, and I did not have too much trouble matching it. The roads were wet, and there were a few drops falling, but soon the pure joy of riding a bicycle infected me and I started to smile. We the the usual loop counter clock wise. Traffic was light and curtisous. It was fun!

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