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Friday, April 23, 2010

Deschutes River Valley Time Trail

What have I gotten myself into?

Three time trials in two day?
All with hills!
And the last one being longer than any ride I have done since my accident!

Ride plan: Stage One - 27 miles with over 2000 feet of gain. Fun.
I have ridden this route many times during the Ring of Fire Time Trial - it is the night loop. It starts hard with a 1000 foot climb from the Deschutes River to the plateau above the town of Maupin. I intend to take this very easy keeping my heart rate below 145 beats per minute. The morning will be very cold, but the hill should warm me up.

Crossing the plateau I intend to pick up my effort and let my heart rate climb. I will recover during the descent into Tygh Valley and then work to keep my speed up along the vally floor.

At the far end of the valley, the route turns to the east onto hwy 216. This section is rollie, so I will back off and let my heart rate drop to 145, except for the two short hills. At the end of this section is a longer but not too steep hill before a rapid descent toward Shearer's Bridge. I intend to increase my effort on the hill and recover during the descent.

The last section of the route is flat. This is where I intend to ride as hard as I can back toward the start/finish line. Goal: 1:21 or 3 minute miles or 20 miles per hour average. But 1:25 is probably where I will come in at.

Ride plan: Stage Two - 8 miles up hill. No rest and no mercy.

I have never been on this road, but looking at the profile, it is up hill all of the way. It gains about 1800 feet in 8 miles, just over a 4% average.

My plan is to take my heart rate to 150 and keep it there for the entire ride. Goal: 40 minutes - 5 minute miles or 12 mph.

Ride plan: Stage Three - Bakeoven Road - 50 miles of up and down. The first seven mils is steep, and then it gently stair steps for the balance of the climb. Then you turn around, and fight the wind all of the way down. Fun.

My goal: survival - no more, no less. In other words, I do not know my I can expect our of myself on this stage. Since this stage is so long, I will try to keep my heart rate to 140 during the climb.

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